1. Always plan your ride two weeks in advance.
There is always someone that just has to know where you are going, two weeks in advance, even though they will probably not show up for the ride. But then there will be some that will forget about the ride because you posted it way too early.

2. Always ride the posted speed limit.
However, there will be several that will swear your speedometer is wrong and that you were going too slow. Of course there will also be some that will swear you were speeding.

3. Always plan your ride around some place to stop and eat.
Remember, this is a “ride to eat” club. If you don’t stop somewhere and eat someone will complain. If you do stop and eat someone will complain that we stop and eat too much.

4. Make sure that you plan the ride for all day on Saturday. Start the ride at the crack of dawn and end it at daybreak. Some will complain that the ride was too short. Others will not show up for the ride and will complain that it was too long.

5. Have some planned stops along the route for bathroom and drinks.
Be prepared for several to complain that we stopped, just as soon as they get back from the bathroom or store with a drink in their hand.

7. Plan your route on roads that we haven’t ridden before.
However, someone will complain that you didn’t check every single road out ahead of time to make sure it was pebble free and dog free. Others will complain that they would rather ride the “little dragon” on every ride.

8. Someone else can always do a better job until you ask them to lead.

9. Even the best laid plans will end up on a gravel road once in awhile.


Text found on the Internet, pictures by TJ


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