A European vacation (VERY DANGEROUS)

Pretty funny, I read in an article from the US State Department, that Germany is a dangerous place and so on. 
EBE_Marienplatz YES, the State Department IS RIGHT,
Germany is a very dangerous place.

Our food is too good, so that these invaders know as „tourists“ only leave if they have no other chance. And since I live in Bavaria (Munich to be exact), I can only warn you about the (around) 620 Breweries we have here
in Bavaria (check here). If you come here visiting for a day, you might accidentally fall in love with the beer that you miss your trip back home. Most of the world famous breweries are here in Bavaria. Their beer can only be topped by the stuff the monks brew in their monasteries. So as a friendly warning never go there, your  local beer will never taste as good as this.

BavariaOhh yeah, in Munich is another danger. The people here, dam‘ mixture of Bavarians and other Germans, who speak Bavarian or German, a lot of them know some English. It is nearly impossible to avoid talking to them. And they even give you tips where to go or what to see. That might be a reason why so many tourists have been captures by the beauty of the landscape. And they where pretty pissed as they went back home, to an area without lakes, castles, breweries, mountains in a 1 hour driving range. And you know about the dangers of sport, Munich has its own inner city surf-wave, for free imagine that. Wired people surf the wave here even in the winter. 

KaiserschmarrnOhh, yes I forgot. Here in Bavaria, we live close to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. You need to keep your passport really close to your body. Safe guard your document so that your own country lets you back in when your leave here, even if you have a huge grin in your face. At our borders you won’t need the passport anyway (except the Swiss want to see it from time to time). Imagine you can freely roam around between Countries, without creepy cops lurking into your luggage, do a cavity search on you, taking fingerprints or even taking pictures of your iris. The only one taking pictures is you.

2014-10-01 09.42.21Sorry folks, you will be robbed of your money here all the time, Hotel rooms from €45 to €200 (most of them include breakfast), Lunch in pretty restaurants are from €15 to €25 per person (sure you can get food for more money, but that would be real robbery). The worst part of our restaurants,  there is no mandatory tip necessary. That doesn’t mean that the waiter will be dangerous friendly to you, for the tips given.

Ohh there is another danger you need to know about. There is not speed limit at certain areas of the Autobahn here in Germany. Imagine the craziness here, you can drive as fast as you can (or till your sphincter hurts and it will, laugh). 20141007_115416_HDR
Here is no cop is pulling you over and is giving a lecture about your driving. Only other people passing you faster than you can imagine. Even on motorcycles, laugh.

Imagine here is no one else responsible for your actions as yourself. But that is just me and I am human, therefore I can be wrong 🙂

You better do not come here and to check out for yourself the „dangers“ of good living and great landscape.

One last word : You shouldn’t listen to your government ? Because most of them have been here before and don’t want to have YOU see the beauty and experience the nice people here and maybe leaving your own country to live here for a while.

BTW: You can complain about my English at Complain@Electronic_Orcus.com

Rheinfalls in SchaffhausenGrossglockner Hochalpen Strasse

 Austria_OverviewNice healthy BreakfastWilder Kaiser

Dorfen Main Street


Nice Lake (HDR Picture)















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