Dam‘ cold here (Winter Riding in Germany)

Dammed is it cold at 10 AM (-3C, brrr). Started my tour around the „Chiemsee“ in southern Bavaria at 10 AM (and god knows why at this early time). From my flat it looked SUPER. No clouds, blue sky, looked like the perfect day, except the frost on the car windows should have made me wonder.

But I am a „tough guy“, laugh, therefore I used my thermo-suit and checked the tires (still M&S marker on it, cause here in Germany we have a freakn‘ stupid „winter tire law“) and with that I am supposed to ride even in the snow.

I started at the „Rasthaus an der B12“  anf my navi guided me first in direction „Wasserburg“ and then over little streets (we call that „über die Käffer“, means little streets through little villages). The temperature rose to around +3C but going to small woods areas it changed to -3C pretty fast. And because of the bright sun and the sharp shadows in the woods my eyes where blinded every 30 seconds by the sun rays. That changes after I got closer to the „Chiemsee“ area, less woods more flat land.
Even in this area riding on these winter cold streets means you have to be very very very careful (as my wife always mentions), there is always the chance of sudden snow or freak’n ice. Supposable the winter tires should work in these condition the best and should bring enough grip onto the street.

OK so I am riding through woods and meadows, laugh, in direction „Schafwaschen“ (loosly translated to „Sheep washing“), yepp I looked twice at the viallge name sign. OK, „Schafwaschen“ is in the north-west of the „Chiemsee“.

Little Side-Story: I am driving slowly through a little village (really slowly, with 30 km/H) and enjoy the lake view.
Then I see just in the corner of my eye a police men. And I though to myself, „Man he’s an ugly guy“ as he is using his radar gun to trap the oncoming traffic. But in a kind of third sense I turned around and took these two pictures. I guess if you see the full right picture I don’t have to explain anything anymore 🙂

From there I drove more or less at the lake shore on little tiny roads ‚till I reached „Gstad“ (no not „Gstaad“ in Switzerland, they also have one here at the lake). Right after „Seebruck“ I planned to stop for coffee at the „Kupferschmiede“ but the little coffee shop was still closed. It really took 1 1/4 hours from the „Rasthaus“ to here. I have to remember that for my next tours. Anyway I found a different coffee shop and talked a bit with the locals.
There I remembered I needed to re-fuel the motorcycle. But in Germany the fuel price is at a new high, 1.59 € per Liter (that is about 8.43 US-$ per Gallon). Quick check with the navi and I figured it is only 30 km to Austria. There is the fuel at leas 20 Euro cent cheaper. So I plotted a new course which brings me right into Austria to the closest gas station there.  So Germany 1.59€ and Austria 1.37€, little math in my head and I was on my way to Austria. The BMW GS 1200 Adventure has a large tank and I got 36 liter into the tank and that means I saved nearly 10 €. For that I took the detour of 3o km.

As closer I came to „Inzell“ the temps began to rise and it got WARMER, smile, nearly +7C, great. Only in the canyons it got colder to the usual +2C, brrr. There I drove from one sun-spot to the next one.

The return trip from Austria went pretty event-less. EXCEPT my encounter of the third kind with an small bus. I am on the road between „Rosenheim“ and home, riding along with less than the posted speed limit. Then in the oncoming traffic a small bus started to pass an car with a trailer (not more than 500m in front of me). So literary, in front of me. I wonder if the motorcycle is INVISIBLE with three switched on lights, main light  and fog lights, you knwo the GS looks then like a illuminated Christmas tree. The bus came closer and I was looking for an escape route into the bushed, cause I didn’t want to end as a figurehead on the front of the mini bus. Not even using my horns (and the are really really loud with 140 dB) made the bus driver made some room. Freakn‘ asshole.

At the end everything worked out pretty good for me, I missed the bus by about 30 cm and I started to swear in German(none printable words) into my helmet for about 5 minutes. At this little chapel I stopped for a break in the sun. It felt pretty good to get warmed up by the sun. The rest of the tour was then really dull.

Tires? I have Heidenau K60 Scout on my BMW. They worked in all situations, no problems. The GS 1200 is riding very nice on them, not a rough ride even these are considered „Off-Road“ or „Dual-Sport“ tires. And the asphalt temperature just above freezing, but I had not a lot of grip problems on this 280 km long trip. Just a little steering impulse and the bike is going in the direction I am thinking, laugh. If that is because of the new tires I am testing, the machine or because of the driver (defiantly the great rider made this feel easy, laugh).


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