After a long time, taking videos with my trusted Panasonic cam (actually the pillion camera women, smile), I decided to get a new On-Board camera.

The main focus of my choosing has been Full-HD capabilities and a LCD screen to see the camera picture. The reason for the LCD-Screen is simple. There are a lot of cameras specially made for motorcycle rider on the market, but most of them are plain simple cam’s and in my humble opinion it is try and error to get the correct frame.

Anyway, at the BMW-Days in Garmisch I meet a guy in the shopping mall there who sold exactly the type of camera I wanted. „HD Action Camera AC Pro1 V2 High Definition 1080p“

The camera is more or less permanent mounted on the bike (for now) and recording the whole time while riding. I inserted a 16 GB SD card (Class 6) which allows to record in Full-HD for 4 hours or in 720P for more than 7 hours and in XGA for more than 12 hours.

The installation of the system was pretty simple, one RAM-Mount for the camera right on the guard of the fog-lights and another RAM-Mount for the recorder behind the wind screen.

12V-OnBoard  power is supplying the recorder (and camera). On the other side, the camera has a rechargeable batterie allows you to hold the whole system in your hand and record „Freely„.  The cable between camera and recorder is running (for now) underneath a side panel and around the tank bag.To find a place for the microphone was a bit harder. I didn’t want to hear all the time wind noise and more of the engine.  The external microphone went under the tank plastic cover on the right side, the cable I run underneath the tank cover to the front and fastened it there with some plastic straps (very useful to have some spare all the time with you, if I may mention that).

The power cable runs from the left side behind the Garmin Zumo 660 to the right and got fastened there also with plastic straps.

 You can find all videos taken with the new camera on YouTube in my channel at The first few videos are still tests where I am going to find a good place for the camera and the best recording setup. The microphone is still moving around, the rattling you might hear, is a box of Aspirin (hehehe) and not the engine, laugh.

I am pretty happy with the setup and the recording settings. But having a camera installed on the bike makes it really hard to stay legal inside the posted speed limit. So if you see in the videos other rider passing me, don’t worry they most of them have the nick name „only fast on straits“, laugh.   The camera isn’t very suspicious, as you can see here. Most of the time even I don’t think about it.
To my amazement, the camera works even on a shaking and rattling 2 cylinder boxer engine. OK, if I twist the throttle to full open the bike is vibrating and the camera picture becomes a bit blur, but once I have reached the planned speed everything becomes sharp again. I tried the camera on the German „Autobahn“ at full speed (210 km/h) and it worked fine. I might switch this setup (with new RAM-Mounts) to my Suzuki GSX 1400 and then we should see a very stable picture, cause the 4 cylinder straight engine is not vibrating at all (in comparison with the 2 cylinder boxer of the GS 1200 Adventure)    


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