Trainer Joerg Explanation:
I am a certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor
at the BVDM (Germany Federation of Motorcyclist) and this happened in 2011 ————————————————————————

What? … Dubai, the BVDM isn’t there at all. Sure. But that does not mean that there can’t motorcycle safety taught, right?

I’ve thought so too, and since the winter (2011)  here in Germany the temperatures  running the number of training close to 0, I just look around a bit and by chance came into contact with „The Chapter Dubai“ a large ‚cruiser‘ club in sunny Dubai. Pilonen für das Training

The President of the club and I then have been quickly agreed that the education plan of the German BVDM is exactly right for the club’s members. And since I speak fluently English (at least that is what I think, smile), we have agreed to make mid-November an MST (Motorcycle Safety Training) in Dubai.

Before we could get started I had to work at my notes for a while, cause they where Ansicht Dubai von der Strassecompletely in German. And some of the special terms of the Motorcycle world needed to before most  English translation. And then the day of departure came faster than imagined. A bit nervous I boarded the plane, because I did not really know what to expect. But I was well prepared, the training procedure had been in German in my head and on paper they where in English.  My pylons well stored in the trunk and so I went into the Dubai adventure.Gruppe beim Training

„The Chapter Dubai“ has the complete trip  organized, what a pleasure it was. At the airport I was picked up on time, the accommodation was awesome ( I am still baffled about the friendliness of the people) and the next morning I got a motorcycle made available, with which I could use to conduct the training.Gruppe nach dem Training

The first trip was to see the training area. Such a place I would have liked in Germany,  80,000 square paved area right next to it again and about 30,000 square meters of covered area. The training area was the day before training cleaned by a professional street sweeper and then I could set the necessary markers for my course.Verdammt Warm

The participants have been a nice mixture from several nations. From New Zealand on  Jordan, Lebanon, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand and Germany. The „training language“ was English, of course and the preparations in Germany played very well into the „problem less“ education of my fellow rider here in Dubai. The club members are riding mostly Harley-Davidson but there where still 2 BMW and 1 Honda at the training, which made this also very interesting to see the different types of machines handling the parcours. Teilnehmer beim Training

A total of 23 participants where there on both days and during the exercise there where of course a  lot of visitors, not only from the club. Even the police had a stop-by to check what these crazy rider are doing on the empty parking lot. I guess that was also a first for them.Training, ein bisschen Therorie muss sein

Unlike in Germany, one can indeed talk about safety clothing, but here in Dubai by the temperatures I would not say that safety clothing like we have in German are the preferred motorcycle riding apparel.
T-shirt and  Jeans, helmet … and that’s it. Well, at +35 C in the shade (on the asphalt surface for sure +45 C) I was also happy about the light clothing.

The participants on both days were very inquisitive and have Dubai by Nightworked together absolutely GREAT. We where able to run the complete BVDM Training Program from 09:00  to 17:00 and at the drinking breaks the theoretical parts where explained, naturally in shadow. I’ve certainly taken 6 liters of water and isotonic drinks to me, because my body was still set to the Bavarian temperature of -2 C. Participants have said that the temperatures are not that much because they were so used to the clima.Training im Schatten

All in all a successful event, which will certainly repeated and all  Participants thanked my for the great training and education. Specially because nothing as comparable is offered in this area.

Small side note, the „Hard Rock Cafe“ in Dubai has celebrated its opening of the new HRC Austellungsstückplace on the first day of training and all participants of the training were the first guests of the HRC, a little treat that you do not get every day.

Am I doing this MST abroad in the future? When the opportunity arises, defiantly. Specially because in the winter here in Germany is just not much going on in the area. However this will certainly stay a personal hobby Sonnenuntergangof mine. For MST’s in Germany, from March to May, I am well equipped since I do not had a „Winter Break“ .

Ohh yes, contact me at if you like me to come to your place and have a similar event there. I am more than happy to do this from November to March.

Greetings from Bavaria
Joerg (TJ) W.
BVDM # 222
Motorcycle Safety Moderator

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