ENGLISH : Shari is writing in Asia about „To Kill a Mockingbird“


boo's house

My experience reading To Kill A Mockingbird was colored by the headlines that I read first. I was reading Harper Lee’s sole written work for the first time when news of her publishing a sequel to her To Kill A Mockingbird hit the headlines in February. Before I had even dug into the book I read an article where she compared herself to Arthur „Boo“ Radley, the town recluse, more than the story’s outspoken tomboy protagonist, Scout. According to recent news, after Lee gained international praise and the Pulitzer for her only book the world wanted more, but she shied away from the attention and her sister, whom recently passed, protected her from a lot of the unwanted attention of publishers seeking her out for new work. Strangely, soon after her sister’s passing, Lee announced that she would be publishing a sequel to Mockingbird, insisting that it was her intention and that she had not…

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