Is the BMW R1200 GSA too big for London?

This one in English and the writer is SOOOO TRUE.
Same for Munich and any other town here in Germany.

The BMW R1200 GS Adventure is one of the biggest motorbikes on the market, that’s for certain, but is it too big to be nimble around the streets of London?

I feel it’s time to dispel the rumours about the size of the bike and how this could hinder it when filtering through traffic.

A few days ago I met a chap who works for the BBC. He is a rapid response cameraman and rides a BMW R1200. The motorbike belongs to the BBC! Anyway, I digress, the point being I talked to him about the bike, if he enjoyed riding it etc, and his response was he loved it on the motorway, but wasn’t to keen on riding it in London as it was a bit tricky to filter through traffic because of the size of the bike.

This is a view that I have heard echoed from many…

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