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 This morning I came across this post from http://motoress.com/, normally a very good source of information about bikes specially from a female standpoint. I usually love the articles there. But this one ?? I don’t know, I have a complete different opinion to this. But first read the article here below in blue or at the Motoress Page

Motoress_tirePresgaugemini_410x520Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Key Chain

Every rider needs at least one – a tire pressure gauge. Our portable mini tire pressure gauge key chain ensures you can manage your motorcycle tire pressure and regulate it anytime, any place for your riding safety needs.

Packed in a mini size makes it handy to keep in a motorcycle jacket pocket, tank bag fold or even attach to your key ring. It will be even handier to double-check your bike’s tire pressure after filling up at any gas station’s air pump (their systems are not accurate).
You’ll always be ready for the changes needed to your tires on any road and this means riding with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Read more about how to manage and check your motorcycle tire pressure here 



I hardly disagree, or comment on stuff like that, because there are words for the inside and other for the outside. And my comments are mostly staying inside. But this one here, it is such a failure to think that the device can help you in any case that I need to write about it.

First of all, please for god sake, read the bike manual first. If you don’t have it, check on the Internet, Google can help here. I know these devices are pretty cheap and that is what they are cheap.  The tool is sooo 1970th!! Every gas station has a calibrated air pressure tester, where you can directly change if necessary the tire pressure.

This little device is not helping if you are loosing pressure while riding. To get a early warning about stuff is happening with your front or rear tire,  you can add a Sensor cap to the Valve which by then sends the pressure information to your GPS-System. Ohh, you have no GPS System, then you are out of luck and most like don’t care about Motorcycle Safety in the first place.
Don’t come with, „I like maps“, „only idiots need a GPS“, that is mostly coming from people who would drive into a river, because the Generation 1.0 GPS said so.

A GPS System is a motorcycle safety device. You can see where the road’s going, you see the T-Intersection right behind the tree line after the bend, you can predict that there will be no roads or intersections coming when starting to pass, you don’t have to fear rear-ending, only because you stopped to check your map for the next leg or your tour.
A GPS System is a Safety Device in my opinion and I stand to that.

Right now, if it has slipped through your information horizon, we have Generation 4.0 GPS Systems. They are connected to the CAN-BUS of your bike and can display all information the CAN-Bus delivers. BTW: you need this anyway by 2017, cause then it is the LAW, otherwise your bike won’t get the EURO-4 Classification. So by having a bike which has a CAN-Bus, it most likely has a RDS/TPM-System on board.

Using a plastic device which has been produced (mostly) in China from the cheapest backyard company which may or may not exist anymore and trusting that device to measure your tire pressure is the same as pressing your thumb on the valve and if air streams out, you know some is in there and by kicking the tire you feel it’s pressure. Similar to Austrian cops which could (in the past I have to admit) check your speed just by looking at your vehicle with there eyes. The measuring results are in both cases from the same quality.

At lease get a digital one, have it calibrate at least once.
Or way better, get rid of your old clunker which is anyway to crappy, doesn’t pass emission next time, where you can’t get replacement parts for anymore and which stinks like a open gas can  and buy a new bike with all the helpful gadget you hate so much and will love in a week or less.


My opinion and I can be wrong, because I am human. Naaaaa 🙂

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