E: Plan IoM 2018

Karte D4
OK this one is in English (or at least what I think english looks like) 🙂

The dates :

– 1. German Motorcycle Team (4)
  Cathi, Marion, Ralf, Joerg
  Leaving Munich on Friday 25.05.
  Boarding ferry ship Sa. 26.05
  Newcastle to Liverpool via loch Ness and Wiskey trail, more or less a Scotland roundtrip.
 Touchdown on IoM evening 30.05 and staying in a Hotel in Ramsey.
 Touchdown on Silly Moos 31.05. in the morning (after breakfast).
 Leaving Silly Moos on 13.06. towards Wales and Snowdonia National Park
 Arriving latest is Munich 17.06.

– 2. German Motorcycle Team (3) 
  Christoph, Kevin, Marco
  Arrival : 02.06.17 –> Departure: 14.06.17

– Team Flyer from Austria (1)
 Arrival : 31.05.17 –> Departure: 14.06.17

– Team Flyer from Germany (1)
  Arrival: 04.06.17 –> Departure: 10.06.17

– Team Flyer from USA (6)
  Russ, Mark, Jim, Doug, Spencer, Vernon
  Arrival : 04.06.17 –> Departure: 12.06.17

15 people ?? Wooohh 🙂

If you like to see the Race Course, check it out on Google Maps.

Welcome to the Ultimate TT Course Guide, all points are clickable with lots of TT info and descriptions of all the best spots to watch from.



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2 Kommentare

  1. And this TT map is very cool. Love the Pics. Can’t wait to ride it!


    Take a picture at Commando’s Memorial in Ft William. It is a very majestic spot!

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